International Archeology Day was this past October 19th.

The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) held its 7th Annual Archeology Fair in conjunction with the Boston Museum of Science.

mos - arch - welcome sign

It was an incredible event, and I highly recommend putting it on your calendars for next year!

Tables of archeologists were scattered throughout the museum, and activities were available for all ages.  One could speak with local archeologists, representatives of museums and the AIA, authors and members of a “living history” group.

mos - arch - arch tool kit leveillee

mos - arch - fried mealworm - voelkel

mos - arch - brigitte

(Brigitte Keslinke, a freshman studying Greco-Roman archaeology at Boston University and an engaging host at the Mayan Archeology Table!)

mos - arch - Stephen H. native american drilling

(Stephen Hulbert from the Massachusetts Archaeological Society demonstrating how Native Americans used to drill into wood.  I am not sure in which time-period this was used.)

mos - arch - native american tools