Thank you for visiting my blog!

It was created to learn and spread the word about the exciting discoveries constantly made in paleontology (as well as archaeology).  You can see the list of contributors here: Index of Contributors

Please keep in mind I’m not a scientist.  I am a writer. Any errors listed on these posts are my own.  All images on this blog are also my own unless noted otherwise.

The idea behind the name of the blog (bulky as it is) is as follows:

Mostly Mammoths –> paleontology

Mummies –> archaeology

and Museums –> general history

But I do have a particular fondness for all types of mammoths and proboscideans in general.

For the longest time, I purposely did not include my name on this blog. Part of it is personal preference; part of it is a very real awareness of how women are treated online and wanting to avoid it.

You are welcome to contact me: mostlymammoths (at) gmail (dot) com

Or check me out on Twitter: (at) mostlymammoths

Thanks again!

–Jeanne Timmons


Replica of the baby mammoth, Lyuba, as seen by the author of this blog at the Museum of Science, Boston 2012.



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