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Freelance Work

Below are some examples of my freelance work. (This is not an exhaustive list.)

Footprints Suggest Humans Migrated Deep Into North American Earlier Than Previously Known, Sept. 23, 2021,

Unprecedented Study of a Single Woolly Mammoth Shows Where It Roamed From Birth to Death, Aug. 12, 2021,

Shrinking Elephants Once Called Sicily Home; July 1, 2021, NY Times

3000-Year-Old Murder Mystery Solved: Shark Attack; June 29, 2021,

Trace Fossils, the most inconspicuous bite-sized window into ancient worlds; June 11, 2021, Ars Technica

A Shark, Eating a Squid, Eating a Lobster, in One Fossil; May 26, 2021,

Baby Mammoths Were Meals for These Saber-Tooth Cats; April 27, 2021, New York Times

Million-Year-Old Mammoth Teeth Contain the Oldest DNA Ever Found; Feb. 17, 2021,

Canadian Gold Miner Finds 57,000-Year-Old Wolf Pup Still Covered in Fur; Dec. 21, 2020,

Scientists Find Mammoth Seemingly Butchered by Humans on Arctic Island; Dec. 11, 2020,

Seemingly Ordinary Fossils May Be Hiding Some Major Clues to the Past; Nov. 28, 2020,

A Human Toddler and a Mammoth Crossed Paths in Ancient New Mexico, Footprints Suggest; Oct. 25, 2020,

Monumental DNA Study Reveals Secrets of North American Mastodons; Sept. 1, 2020,

Paleontologists Predict What Future Animals Might Look Like; June 4, 2020,

Mass Grave of Elephant-Sized Sloths Poses Murky Mystery; Apr. 29, 2020,

Fossil Vomit and Feces are Delighting Paleontologists; Mar. 30, 2020,

‘We Have to Go NOW’: Scientists Share Their Wildest Experiences in the Field; Dec. 31, 2019,

Radar Scans Reveal Ancient Human Footprint Embedded in Mammoth Track; Nov. 19, 2019,

Fossil Hunters Found Bones from an Ancient Whale….and Then They Saw the Bite Marks; Aug. 22, 2019,

This Newly Discovered Mastodon Species Roamed California Millions of Years Ago; Mar. 27, 2019,

Rare T.rex Relative Discovered in New Mexico; Oct. 9, 2018,

Megafauna mega-find: the extraordinary discoveries at Diamond Valley Lake; Nov. 21, 2017, The Guardian, UK.

How a newly-discovered mastodon jaw became a mammoth mystery; Sep. 13, 2017, The Guardian, UK.

Dinosaur Day Unearths the Latest in Paleontology; Mar. 18, 2013, NH Public Radio

Cho’s Show; Aug. 30, 2012, Concord Monitor

Mapping the Legal Status of Same Sex Unions; Feb. 14, 2021, NH Public Radio

Museum Brings Pompeii to Life; Jan. 3, 2012, NH Public Radio

The Roommate; Jan. 6, 2002, Hartford Courant

Mammoths by Natalia Jaglielska

Artwork by Natalia Jagielska, @wrycritic on Twitter, for this site and my Twitter page.

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